Merging Intelligent Vibration Analytics with Rugged Simplicity

Why VibScope?

Opt for VibScope for rugged reliability, versatility, and ease of use in precise vibration analysis no battery charging required, always ready for action

Advanced Analytics

VibScope offers sophisticated analysis tools, enabling users to gain deep insights from vibration waveforms for precise diagnostics and predictive maintenance strategies.

Always Ready

With its permanent battery and intuitive design, VibScope is always ready for action, requiring no battery charging and offering seamless operation for users.

Rugged Reliability

VibScope is built to withstand harsh environments and challenging conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any situation.

Real-Time Monitoring

VibScope logs data continuously for later retrieval or instant transmission when a gateway is present.


A solid-state, self-contained package with onboard battery, 3-axis accelerometer, and temperature sensor.

Fully Configurable

Configure VibScope effortlessly using the mobile app.

Democratizing Vibration Analysis

VibScope Puts Power in Your Hands

"VibScope stands out for its unmatched versatility and reliability. Whether I need to perform quick measurements on the go or leave it for continuous data-logging, it adapts effortlessly. With its rugged design and permanent battery, I never worry about charging or delicate handling. VibScope's advanced analysis capabilities, including FFTs and statistical modeling, make it a game-changer in vibration analysis."

VibScope used on hydrogen diaphragm compressor
VibScope used for diesel-engine analytics

Harnessing Full Vibration Waveforms for Advanced Analysis

VibScope generates comprehensive vibration waveforms, allowing users to delve into FFT analysis and build statistical models for sophisticated vibration analytics and predictive maintenance strategies.

Streamlined Monitoring

VibScope Web Portal and App Integration

VibScope offers the flexibility to operate both online and offline, catering to diverse monitoring needs. When offline, users can easily harvest data using the intuitive app interface, ensuring seamless data collection even in remote environments. For advanced vibration analytics and management, an online web portal is available, empowering users to delve into comprehensive insights and trends. Within the web portal, users can efficiently manage a large group of VibScopes, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Android & iOS Support

VibScope comes with a dedicated app for both Android and iOS.

Advanced Alerts

With VibScope, specialized algorithms can generate alerts for timely notifications.

Waveform Analysis

The portal supports both time- and frequency-based analysis of acquired vibration waveforms.

Versatile Mounting Solutions for VibScope

For VibScope, ease of installation is paramount, thanks to a variety of mounting brackets tailored to different surfaces and applications. Standard with a magnetic base, VibScopes effortlessly attach to magnetic surfaces. For non-magnetic surfaces, a glue-pad bracket provides secure installation, while pipe-clamp brackets facilitate mounting on pipes and cylindrical structures. With these versatile mounting options, installing a VibScope is quick, easy, and adaptable to diverse environments and requirements.

Seamlessly online with Rugged VibScope Casing

VibScope offers a rugged casing option, featuring a PeliCase flight-case, complete with a single-board computer and an integrated Cellular LTE modem. This robust design serves a dual purpose case, acting both as a protective transportation housing and as a gateway for seamless data transmission. By leveraging the integrated LTE modem, VibScope streams data directly into the portal in real-time, enabling efficient monitoring and analysis from any location.

Rugged flight-case

Uses a Peli 1150 flightcase including tailored foam inserts

Linux SBC & LTE Modem

Powered with 110VAC, 230VAC or 10-30VDC and includes SBC and LTE Modem

Out of the box datastream

Stream data from many VibScopes straight into the portal from anywhere in the world

Tailored Vibration Analytics

Elevating OEM Machinery Performance

VibScope offers white-label solutions with advanced analytics algorithms tailored to the precise needs of industrial machinery OEMs. These tailored algorithms enhance machinery diagnostics and predictive maintenance strategies, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. With VibScope’s white-label option, OEMs can seamlessly integrate cutting-edge vibration analysis technology into their products, delivering added value and competitive advantage to their customers.

Experience the Versatility of VibScope

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